Who Is Your Hero?

Hey, everyone! For you F➔M Crossplayers out there, I thought this might be another great example of a video tutorial to help you all out! If you haven’t been introduced to Parlé Productions and/or JenstheJinx, you should definitely check out their videos! They’re completely brilliant, and Jenn is wonderful! So check this out and give them some love!

*The second part is still to come!

Arthur panted heavily, looking up at the other with tired eyes. "You.. You're one to talk..~" He grinned, giggling a little.

Alfred let out a weak laugh, just a small “heh.” He gazed down fondly at Arthur and brushed some hair from his forehead. “Well, I know,” he shrugged confidently. “I am pretty amazing after all, aren’t I?” He sent Arthur a stunning wink.

Apologies and Happy Holidays- QUESTION FOR FOLLOWERS

Hello, everyone! It’s been quite some time, and I’m truly sorry for that. I’m afraid I lost the password to this account (and retrieving e-mail) for quite some time, but I was just able to get it back! I have missed so many of you, and I’m so sorry if you thought that I just dropped off the face of the earth!

I want to wish every single one of you a Merry Christmas and /or a happy holidays! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season, no matter what holidays you celebrate, and that you are spending it with friends, family, and anyone else close to you that you care about!

I’ve been having a very difficult time with my university classes. I’m nearly through with it, but it’s getting down to that crunch time. I’m afraid my online presence on every sight has truly suffered in these past years, and I feel like I’m really just always making apologies to you all. I really hate it, because I’ve made so many friends… and I hated that I couldn’t contact people. I hate that I can’t be online and do the things that I love, not even in moderation. I love this blog, I love cosplaying, rping, and everything this blog and my online presence is pretty much about. And it’s really discouraging to not even be able to participate too much in things like this. As a New Years’ resolution, I’m going to try to balance my time better. Sometimes, your mental health and happiness need to come before other things. And this and my friendships with a lot of you are a great source of happiness to me!

Now here’s the true question. I’ve asked this many times, but I’ve gotten one, maybe two answers from followers. I really don’t cosplay Alfred, specifically, too often. I haven’t gotten rid of the cosplay, because I love it dearly and I would love to be Alfred again, but I’ve also started cosplaying England and many other characters. But the true question is: what do you all/I want to do with this blog? It’s always had a truly hybrid function, being both an America RP account and a cosplay blog. I’ve posted a lot of different types of things, and I can’t really decide what I want it to be. Do you all have any suggestions? Do you like it as the hybrid, odd thing that it is? Or should it be more limited? Please, PLEASE help me out, guys! I really want your feedback! So what do you all think?

Arthur groaned as he felt the other release inside him. "Oh, fuck" He moaned out loudly as he came, digging his nails into the other's back, his body spasming.

Alfred winced as he felt Arthur scratching him like that.  He knew in the back of his mind that it still hurt just a bit, but the look on Arthur’s face was enough to let Alfred forget about the pain in moments.  As he slowly came down from his high, sweet moist on his forehead, he gazed down at Arthur.  “G-Geez, Arthur….~ Y-You’re…. You f-feel so good…”

Wow, I really love that detail-work on Sesshomaru’s sleeves and whatnot!

How to make your own chest binder by MissLia500 on DeviantArt!  I thought this might help some of you out, if you were interested in trying to make one.  I haven’t tried this tutorial out, but if any of you do, let me know what you guys thought of it!

All right, I went through every single post that I’ve ever had on this blog and sorted them out into the new categories I posted about earlier! *fwew!* That took a while! XD  And I realized just how much I need to update on my cosplays!  There probably isn’t too much, since college has put a HUGE dent into my cosplaying funds and friends’ availability, but I need to catch you guys up just a bit, right? ;)

All right, followers, I might have come up with a solution to my problem! My main issue was organization, right?  Besides being unsure whether you guys want to see all my antics and have Alfred along with us for the ride, of course! ;)  Well, I figured out how to tag my posts and have them in pages and whatnot, so you have 3 (thus far) new pages coming out for you guys!

My Cosplay- Pretty much all of my photos about my cosplaying as well as my updates!
Cosplay Help- All of my advice, links, tutorials, etc. From myself and others that I find extremely helpful! ^_^
Letters To England- Letters that Alfred/America has written to England over the years (this is not roleplay stuff, necessarily, these are literal letters)

Hope you guys find this a little more helpful and maybe make it easier to navigate through everything that you guys specifically want to see from me! ^_^  Let me know what you think?



All right, guys, I’ve been asking this for a while, and just because I rarely get many responses, I’m trying to ask once more.  This has had a little bit to do with why I haven’t been online lately, but also it’s just been extremely busy with my last years of college and getting out into the “real world” (since apparently the one I lived in before was a fake one…?)  I’ve been debating this for a while, and I’m unsure as to what to do.  I’d like to know what you guys follow me for.  The USUK pics, the RP, the cosplay know-how and updates and photos…?  I’m not too sure if I like them being on the same blog anymore, it feels a little double-y used… But if you guys LIKE having both of them, PLEASE let me know! Thank you guys so much, Alfred and myself really appreciate it!

What do you think, guys?  Let me know: what do you follow me for?  Do you think I should split the blogs?  Or, what would you like to see more of?

"Excuse me, I AM a gentleman. Unlike you." Arthur grinned, moaning louder as he came closer to completion. "Ahh, Alfred~"

Alfred pushed harder and harder into Arthur.  He started to see stars as his stomach clenched. “A-Arthur, I’m gonna- a-ah…” With that moaned response, Alfred released inside of the other man, groaning softly as he kept thrusting to finish.